Be our Group Contact

• Are you a member of a club, organization, association or special interest group?
• Are you planning a family or school reunion?
• Are you looking for unique fundraising opportunities?
• Are you a fitness or wellness practitioner?
• Are you looking for an incredible venue to hold a business seminar, conference or trade show?

Simply get together a group of 15 travelers and you go with them FREE. We can customize most packages to suit your group.

Sounds too good to be true....? QUESTIONS / ANSWERS

How does it work?
Simple. Just get a family group, your club members or some friends who want to go together to the same destination, at the same time and contact us to set it up. We will do all the planning.
Can you set up one of those trips to the Czech Republic anytime?
Yes. You can chose any of our tours or you can decide your own favorite dream trip
Does every one have to come from the same place?
No. Everyone can converge at some strategic beginning point and still be considered a group
What if I think I can get 15 or more but don't have their money yet?
No problem. We will set up the trip, provide the marketing expertise and advise on how o pursue your goal. You can then use your personal charisma and enthusiasm to pull it together
How far ahead should I start planning?
Give yourself plenty of time. Unless you have your group already committed and ready to pay a deposit, don't assume one quick review of your ideal trip will be enough
OK, I have my little group, what does "free" really mean?
Except for optional airfare, everything that the trip includes is free. The accommodations, the sightseeing, the meals, and all other specialty inclusions of the trip itinerary. However, please note that the free accommodations are based on half-double room.
What if I get more than 15 to go?
Super! For every additional 15 full-fare paying passengers, another person goes free. You can take a friend or loved one FREE as well.
What if my group falls short of the 15 necessary?
It depends on the trip, but in many cases, we are able to reduce your rate, based on the number of friends you were able to get to sign up. You still get a great deal.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you.